Lorain Community Senior’s Inc.’s mission is to help seniors and families throughout Lorain County live a more comfortable life.

Through everyone’s generous support, Lorain Senior Center’s growing cooperative network makes it possible to uphold the ongoing mission of helping more seniors and families with children going through medical or similar crisis resulting from maturity. Besides providing a place to share and meet to receive support, many times we are about providing ongoing compassionate understanding for as long as it’s required to get through a crisis.

A psychology study in 2010 showed that a person’s attitude is in the top five of the most important considerations in sustaining a healthy day to day life. In children, this factor falls in second place. An even higher level of importance in day to day development for children which are affected by a mature adult suffering in a household.

The Lorain Community Seniors have been in existence since 1980. As a private non-profit organization serving the elderly and handicap citizens in the city of Lorain and surrounding areas (Lorain County). Our services include socialization, education, and transportation.

Our organization operates exclusively for charitable and educational purposes which will be beneficial to the elderly, by providing activities and services to assist them in coping with retirement living and utilizing their leisure to a satisfying and fruitful end.